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Here are answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Contact Cove software:

When installing the software, my browser or security software warns me not to download or run the installer.  What do I do?

In order to use the software, you must ignore the warnings and RUN the installer.

Where do I find the activation code?

Click on MY CLASSES  and then scroll down until you see the SOFTWARE section.  Your activation code will be shown here.

When I run the software for the first time, it asks whether to create a NEW data file or OPEN an existing data file.  What do I do?

If you have an existing data file from Contact Cove (such as from another computer), you can OPEN that existing file.  Otherwise, you should choose NEW data file, select a folder to save it in (the default is Documents), then click SAVE.

How do I print multiple addresses from my list of contacts?

In the Contacts area, highlight the group of contacts and click on the Print Addresses button. A window will appear asking what type of envelope you will be using and if you would like to print a return address. Check the appropriate boxes. The next window that will appear reminds you to set your printer options for the envelope size that you have chosen. After you have set your printer options another printer window will appear to start printing. Hit Ok and your envelopes will begin printing.

How do I export my contact list to other programs?

There are 2 ways.  First, you can export the entire database into an Excel-compatible file by going to the Contact Manager, then go to the Tools menu and choose Export All.  Once in Excel, you can reformat & convert the data to any format you need.  Second, you can export an address list for specific groups of contacts by going to the Contact Manager, highlighting the groups to include, and choose Export Mailing List.  It will use your default email software (if you have one installed...such as Outlook or Windows Live Mail) and it will create an email with the contact list already attached.  You can save the attachment or proceed to email it to someone.

How do I import contacts from Excel?

You can import contacts from an Excel-compatible file by going to the Contact Manager, then go to the Tools menu and choose IMPORT.  The software will then give you detailed instructions for how to format the Excel file and save it as a Tab-Separated .TXT file, so that your contacts will import correctly.  Here are a couple sample files to help you:

Sample Excel Spreadsheet w/2 Contacts

Tab-Delimited .txt File Created From Excel

Do you provide phone support for this software?

No - we provide this online support area, and you may also email questions to

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