DocuCove™ Support Area

Here are answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the DocuCove software:

When installing the software, my browser or security software warns me not to download or run the installer.  What do I do?

In order to use the software, you must ignore the warnings and RUN the installer.

Where do I find the activation code?

Click on MY CLASSES  and then scroll down until you see the SOFTWARE section.  Your activation code will be shown here.

How do I install the import driver?

Click HERE  for step-by-step instructions.  We suggest printing these instructions out since you will need to reboot your computer during the installation process and will not be able to view these online.

How do I scan in color?

For the times you need to scan in color, go to SETTINGS and change the setting from black & white to color.  Turn this feature off when you don't need color.

Where Do I Go To Sign A Document Electronically?

Open the document you wish to sign.  Then click on the E-SIGN button.  You can then obtain signatures using a digital pen, signature pad, or portable scanner.  (For portable scanners, we recommend a mobile version that does not require separate power besides the USB cable.)

I am using Windows Live Mail and When I Email a TIF File From DocuCove, it Puts the Image into the Body of the Email Instead of Attaching a TIF file.  How Do I Fix This?

Windows Live Mail is trying to force you to use their OneDrive product.  Each time an email appears like this, you must select the image shown in the body of the email.  This will reveal the Photo Email Tools/Format options, where you can click the paperclip to change a photo e-mail to a normal email with attachments.

Do you provide phone support for this software?

No - we provide this online support area, and you may also email questions to

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